Painting Process Videos

"Greg Minah: Painting | Flow"

During my recent artist residency in Joshua Tree, California, I noticed that the overflow from my painting process was creating some beautiful moments as the medium moved and flowed.

"Greg Minah: Painting | Movement"

A compilation of recent works in process. The creation of these paintings is becoming an art form in and of itself. Capturing these moments also helps to convey the importance and intrigue of this method.

"Greg Minah: Painting | Method"

I shot and produced this short video so that the viewer might have a fuller experience of my paintings and all that goes into their creation. The process of making these paintings is just as important to me as the finished works. Every step in the process is a chance for me to learn something new about how the paint behaves and each finished painting is the result of these steps working together over time.

"Greg Minah: Painting | Process"

In this video, a camera mount was constructed and attached to the stretcher frame so that as the canvas was manipulated to control the flow of the paint, the camera moved along with it. While many of the layers are eventually hidden from view, they remain integral to the overall process since each step is a response to what came before. 

"Greg Minah: Painting | Restructure"
Series of videos made between 2002-2006 utilizing paintings as the raw material and subject matter for sculptures, installations, and video performances.